Berlin Christmas Markets feat. Gluhwein

As much as I’ve tried to deny the cold hard facts…I’m finally ready to admit that there really is such a thing as too-much-mulled-wine. Even when you're on holiday in Berlin. A gluhwein hangover creeps up on you in a similar fashion to how I imagine the Berlin wall did all those years ago: you wake up with very limited movement capabilities and a sense of pretty serious impending doom. Whether or not the Berliner’s also had a banging headache, severe amnesia and the alcohol shakes is anybody’s guess.

Can I also add that in addition to the photographs in this blog post taken pre 10pm, there’s a cracking set of approx. 200 blurry, out of focus, some completely black/white photos that were taken between 10pm and 1am. A few selfies thrown in for good measure, too. I wish I could say my photographic abilities laughed in the face of alcohol consumption…but actually they shrivel and die like a disappointing wet fish.

I’m now fondly looking back on a very busy, very brilliant and very, very boozy festive period. My bank balance might not have been laughing...but I certainly was and that's the main thing. Hoping you all have an absolutely off the chain 2017, much love.

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