kindness is free, sprinkle that shit everywhere

I wouldn't blame you for thinking that little else went on in my head apart from Justin Bieber, Leo di Caprio, brunch, and cocktails on a continuous rolling loop. Which, to be completely honest, isn't too far from the truth BUT - on the odd occasion the loop skips and a spot frees up for me to think about something else...I've been revelling in the joys of being a more positive paula. Not all the time, mind, I'm not superwoman and after 1 hours sleep coupled with period pain all day on Thursday my new-found-posi-patience was really being put to the test, but in general, I've been drinking a lotta positivi-tea and am starting to feel the good karma returned. 

A few other thoughts I've squeezed into the loop: that people are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful little beings and it never fails to amaze me how interesting they can become when you get to know them. Working hard pays off, just not in the ways you expect sometimes. A smile goes a long way. I mean, a really long way. So do unexpected cups of coffee. And lastly, there is no day bad enough that can't be cheered up by a decent cuddle.

I'm also enjoying affirming my positive-pants status with prints from Printiki. Because who doesn't love a good life mantra distributed evenly amongst fairy lights?! As well as life mantras, I've printed off photos of my nearest and dearest which serve as a daily reminder that I'm surrounded by some pretty wonderful, beautiful, interesting, funny as fuck, and supportive as hell people. And yes, I did print a picture of Justin Bieber because NO ONE GETS TO JUDGE WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY and if JB's cute lil face sends happy shivers down my spine then so be it. I didn't chose the belieber life, it chose me. 

I picked up these gorgeous lights from Etsy and you can chose and order your own prints from Printiki here. No obligation to order JB either, but you will if you know what's good for ya, jus sayin'. 

Yep, it has been a good fortnight of food. And an even better fortnight of slowly but surely dragging my mindset out of the fuck-its and into the wonderful world of be-a-better-bloody-person. So, to sum this relatively odd post up; be the energy you want to attract. And that energy should more often than not be a positive energy - but you can always try and emanate some telepathic SIZE 8 TONED MODEL BRONZED GODDESS energy in the hope you can attract those back in physical form, too. Mentioning that for a friend.

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