lazy days on the côte d'azur

My parents have always told me that I have no grey area. I either love something, or absolutely hate it. It's the best roast dinner I've ever eaten, or categorically the absolute worst. I am so in love with Justin Bieber that I cannot even fathom how to think about anything else / Tess Daly is the most tragic thing that has ever happened to prime time TV. I'm pretty black and white, even if it's not always strictly true (I'm pretty sure the burger-van burger I ate when drunk at a festival at 2 in the morning was probably not the best burger I'd ever eaten, but that didn't stop me telling anyone that would listen that night how effing incredible it was and not shutting up about it for 3 weeks afterwards). 

So you might take it with a pinch of salt when I tell you that the most content moment of my entire adult life was a few weeks ago on holiday when sitting poolside with a gin & tonic, a good book, radio silence and the most beautiful golden 5pm sunlight. But, seriously, screw your pinch of salt because this time I really, really, reeeeeally mean it. It's gonna be a pretty tough one to beat.  

The lengths I would go to to be back here for 10 more days of gin consumption, eating, tanning and siesta-ing are probably highly illegal. But work hard, play hard and all that. Anyway, come and chat to me on Twitter or join the party on Bloglovin.

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