so...tough mudder happened

I can't do a press up, I've never run more than 5k in one go, and I spent the night before in the pub...but despite pretty much every single odd - ya girl actually completed Tough Mudder this weekend. Can I get a hell yeah please because I am quite simply the weakest, puniest, most pathetically muscled human I've ever met. Period. Mikey actually laughed in my face and told me I was the 'antithesis of a tough mudder' when I signed up last year, which I hope gives you some indication as to the gravity of this situation. Furthermore, in an exciting turn of events, I spent the last 6 miles with a portion of my butt on show after my leggings took a bashing in Mud Mile. So yay for that. 

I am absolutely covered in bruises, I am still picking mud out of my hair, and I'm pretty sure that if I see a muddy puddle of any description in the near future I might shed a little internal tear...but THIS GIRL CAN. And by god, this girl DID💪👏And now? Well, my legs are aching like a mudderfucker (soz, couldn't resist) and I am guilt-free carbing up on chocolate cake like there's no tomorrow. And I would do pretty much anything for guilt-free chocolate cake. So see you next year, Tough Mudder.

Have you even done Tough Mudder or something similar?! Thoughts?

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