sugar-loading at patisserie valerie

There are few things in life I like more than being full of cake. Except, perhaps, being full of cake on a Tuesday afternoon when you're supposed to be at work but are eating all the calories in Brighton instead with your mum. Yeah, that probably tops it 🙏🍰☕️ What a totally IMMENSE way to spend an afternoon a few weeks ago, topped off by having the entire upstairs floor to ourselves meaning I could photograph the little cake babes from every-single-angle with no scowling onlookers. In. My. Element. So get that scrolling finger at the ready, bitch, cos I'm about to go full cakeboss on yo' ass.

Hats off to my mother who heroically feigned being 'too full' to eat anything else, thus giving me free reign to polish off half her cakes as well. Mum, you are quite simply the real MVP. I love you all of the time but you really come into your own with regards to cake-related-kindness. #queen

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