Friday Nights are for Prezzo Takeaway

Second only to Cote (and I think it's only the French twang that swings me...), Prezzo ticks all the boxes for me. I'm one of those people who values the decor in a restaurant almost as much as the food. And every Prezzo I've ever been to, with its swanky gold and brown colouring and mirrors, just works. I can eat my meal in happy decor peace. Which makes my food taste better. Tell me I'm not the only person who thinks like this!?  

Anyway, Prezzo recently(ish) started doing takeaways. I don't know how it's taken me so long to finally get round to having one because if I could live on one restaurant dish for the rest of my life, it would be Prezzo's caramelized onion bread starter. Oof. So when Mikey suggested yesterday morning that we get one that evening, I was very, very excited. I put off snacking all afternoon in preparation. And that's a commitment. 

All of the joys of eating Prezzo's delicious food in the comfort of my own home wearing trackies, with no make up on or a bra. You can't really beat it. If you haven't got a Prezzo takeaway before, I would highly recommend it. It's Sunday tomorrow, treat yourself!


  1. I didn't realise Prezzo had started doing takeaways... one opened near to us recently and we love going there, Italian food is my favourite restaurant type! xx

    1. Yeah same, I absolutely love a decent pasta! Now you know about the takeaways there'll be no looking back! xx

  2. whaaaattt? when did they start doing take-out? i LOVE prezzo!! definitely going to get one next weekend! xx

  3. say whaaaaat, how did i not know prezzo did take away…. •life changed•

    Ta for sharing

    Betty x

    The Betty Stamp

  4. I know right! What more could you ask for!? Just waiting for Cote so start takeaways now...! xx

  5. Haha I know! It's such a game changer, no need to leave the house! xx

  6. I felt the need to alert the blogging world that it's now a thing! Definitely worth giving it a go if you have one local - and get the garlic mushrooms, they're delicious! xx