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There is a definite home-ish theme to my recent favourite online posts - can you tell I'm itching to move out already!? I have definitely not spent the past few weeks browsing ridiculously expensive houses on primelocation in the hope that I win the lottery soon. Yep, I have definitely not been doing that. But if I had been doing that, it's safe to say that this Parisian apartment is my favourite find so far. As well as this absolute dream, I have been loving...

  • This blog post featuring my second favourite dream apartment and basically everything I aspire to have in life. So beautiful.

  • These gorgeous tablescapes making me never want to use a table for eating on again.

  • This other apartment I would happily occupy if the other two weren't available.

  • And this amazing photographer who has made me desperate to get my teeth back into wedding photography this summer!

What have been your favourite posts this week? Send me them to read - especially if they contain beeeeeautifully expensive houses!

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