Mother's day (and Bloom&Wild)

I love my mum. She is the kindest, loveliest, most generous and warm hearted person I know, who always has time to go out for coffee and cake with me, or bring me cups of tea if we're home. Not to mention that this woman can cook. And that's always a plus. I feel genuinely sorry for people that haven't tried her shepherd's pie, and don't even get me started on the heavenly raspberry mousse she whips up when she's feeling kooky. She might drive me slightly mental with her inability to sort the kitchen cupboards out logically (since when did cooking oils and cookie cutters go next to one another on a shelf!?), but I love her more than words can describe and my house wouldn't feel like home without her in it.

So, seeing as it's Mother's day soon and I'm sure loads of people are thinking of treating their mama's, I have juuuuuust the thing. A little while ago, I discovered Bloom & Wild on Twitter. And instantly fell in love. Flowers through your letterbox? What else could you ever want!? I kindly received some in the post yesterday and got so snap happy because they're just so great, so let me guide you through your Mum's new favourite thing....



First of all, they fit through your letterbox. Yep, you 'eard - through ya letterbox so you don't have to hang around waiting for them to arrive. You can pop out, shop out, and they'll be waiting for you on your return. So far, I'm loving it.





The flowers arrive all wrapped up to stop the buds getting damaged on their travels. They're easy to set free and the flowers quickly fall out into shape.



bloom-and-wild-la-coco-noire-katie-leask-photography-019 - Copy

You also get the cutest little card with all available flowers from Bloom&Wild and their names. I learnt something new today (other than how obsessed with roses I am). Not only this, but your flowers come with their very own food. In their very own Bloom&Wild branded sachet. I don't know why I found this so cute, but I did.  So I fed my new roses and popped them into my favourite vase, because they deserved the very best and photographed them. Non stop. I'm refusing to apologize for the amount of pictures in this post.


bloom-and-wild-la-coco-noire-katie-leask-photography-006. - Copy

bloom-and-wild-la-coco-noire-katie-leask-photography-021 - Copy

bloom-and-wild-la-coco-noire-katie-leask-photography-023 - Copy

bloom-and-wild-la-coco-noire-katie-leask-photography-026 - Copy

bloom-and-wild-la-coco-noire-katie-leask-photography-028 - Copy

Have you fallen in love yet? If you haven't, I have one final nail in my Bloom&Wild coffin to swing you. 10%. Off. Your. First. Order. The code is COCO10 and you, well, you are very welcome.

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