Cotswolds, Thursday

What do you do when it's mid Feb and it's dull and there's nothing exciting going on (bar Valentine's Day) and you're feelin' melancholy and pretty bleurgh? Answer: whisk yourself away for a long weekend with your fave little people to a remote location.

In my case, this is going to the Cotswold's with my splendid parentals, my long suffering boyfriend and the dog, Ed Miliband. We stayed in the cutest little cottage in Upper Oddington...I'm talking wonky walls, wonky ceilings and wonky floors. I'm also talking lots of cake, lots of chocolate, lots of tea and lots of walking. Heaven.

Here's some pictures of the cottage when we arrived on Thursday night after a 2 hour drive belting out Adele and Whitney Houston.  Photos of our weekend to follow.

Have you ever been to the Cotswolds? Would love to know your thoughts.

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