Pain aux raisins à la Hollywood

You know there are some things that you eat all the time but you never actually think to make yourself. Like you kind of forget that they don't come ready made. Like bread. Plain old simple bread. And ice-cream. You're so used to buying it in Tesco that you forget a cow in a field somewhere gave it's milk so that you could scoff the entire cookie dough tub on a hangover.

Yeah, well that's kind of how I feel about pain aux raisins. Me and Mikey got so used to eating them in Paris that we totally forgot that someone had actually been up since 6am hand crafting them from scratch. And I feel pretty bad about that now because I've found out that they are preeeeeetty long winded to make. By long winded, I mean my brother came in from a night out in the pub. And Mikey was still up. In his pants. Rolling pastry. Yep. That sort of long-winded. 

We went full Paul Hollywood on these babies. You can find the recipe here.

Have you ever tried to make pain aux raisins before? 

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