Happy Valentines!

In possibly what can only be described as my finest hour ever ... I bought Mikey a soda stream for Valentine's day. Yep a cute little contraption that turns tap water into sparkling water. And why is this my finest hour to date you might ask? Because we realised that if it can tap water into sparkling water, it can definitely turn wine into prosecco. Which has definitely ended in our day taking an infinitely and unexpectedly more classy turn. #KnightMe

Anyway, our day kicked off with tea and chocolate cake in bed at Mikey's this morning and we're now well into an afternoon of watching telly in our pyjamas at mine while eating as much food as physically possible. Amen. Who said romance was dead?!

How are you spending your day?

Shout out to these pretty hot flowers from Mikey. Not quite soda stream impressive...but beautiful none the less.

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