august feels

So it would appear The Great British Summer of 2017 is going for gold in the annual hide and seek championships because has anyone found her yet? And, like, why can't my hiding-the-fact-i-ate-three-scones-before-9am-today skills be quite so accomplished!? Life can be so unfair. But ARE WE DOWNHEARTED BY GLOOMY SKIES AND A LACK OF VITAMIN D?! Well, um, yes a little bit - but that's nothing a little (read: a fucking lot) of gin can't sort out. 

Some other mentionably fun things that have happened of late are (1) Mikey's-brother's-girlfriend's 30th birthday which included a lot of dancing, mikey's usually-very-composed stepdad dancing full pelt to amy winehouse's 'Valerie' complete with a glittery wig on his head, some sleeeeeepover fun at Watford's Best Western, and a monumentous hangover that could only be subdued by a chinese take away and a day spent horizontal in bed; (2) grooooooving on down to the crackin' sound of my friend's band in town this weekend and, finally, (3) realising that it is LESS THAN ONE MONTH until I get to rap the entire Marshall Mather's discography word perfectly see Eminem at Reading Festival where I am going to be (drum roll please) losing myself in the music, definitely not missing my chance to blow because this opportunity comes once in a life time. I AM NOT EVEN SORRY ABOUT THAT ONE, NO.

And saving the best til last...I only went and got offered my perfect job last Friday and would be lying if I said 'Walking on Sunshine' by Katrina & the Waves hasn't been my internal soundtrack ever since. Thanks loads for the crazy support on Twitter - you lot are impeccably fabulous and I am over the freakin' moon. ♥

ps. soz for the katie-face-spam in this post, but if you ain't allowed to spend a bit of time feelin' yo'self after slapping on a full face of make-up and doing more to your hair for once than dry shampooing the shit out of it - then when can you?! Sorry not sorry. 

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