wingin’ it at biggin hill

The only thing better than a total nerd-out is an unexpected total nerd-out. Meaning that a very last-minute trip to Biggin Hill Airshow this weekend had me oohing, had me ahhing, had me wanting to ditch the plans I’d had for my life and fly for the RAF Red Arrows instead. If I told you I didn’t squeal and clap like that famous Will Smith GIF when the first plane went over, I would be lying. Yep, even I was surprised at quite how much I apparently like a good plane. Who knew!? The world works in mysterious ways. 

In other - somewhat more mainstream - news, today marks the official 3 day countdown til Eminem (did I mention that?! Not sure if I mentioned that already!?😝) So, rest assured that I will be sufficiently Slim-Shady-spamming my Twitter timeline to within an inch of its life on Saturday. That is, if I haven’t already lived out my irrational yet acute fear of spontaneously combusting prior to any event I’m super excited about and not getting to go. I cannot be the only one who gets this?! Anyway, wish me luck. Have an awesome weekend, beautiful people. Anyone doing anything exciting?!

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