the best and booziest of bank holidays

Is it even a bank holiday weekend if it's not full of friends, alcohol, frivolity and far far far far far too much food? And much to the surprise of a solid 100% of the UK population, we were even treated to some ACTUAL BLOODY SUNSHINE. Quelle bonheur, indeed. 

So to summarise my bank holiday festivities: I spent a third of the weekend losing my shit to Eminem at Reading Festival, another third drinking gin in my pyjamas while balls deep (pardon my French) in a full day film-a-thon with Mikey, and the last third enjoying the sunshine while sampling the delights of Ben’s BBQ, Mike’s sausage, Emily’s kebab, and Mikey’s buns 😜 Wink face SO necessary. 

The most important thing that happened to me this weekend was the discovery of not one, but two ground breaking dessert ideas. The first being deconstructed banoffee pie à la my gay-best-friend-Mike (I'm talking mini pastry bases, salted caramel sauce, topped off with cream and a slice of banana...which totally makes it healthy). And the second was the art of using a savoury wrap as a SWEET FREAKIN' CREPE-ESQUE CALZONE PUDDING EXTRAVAGANZA. I'M WRITING THIS IN CAPITALS BECAUSE GOD DAMNIT IT DESERVES THEM. Fill that baby up with Nutella, raspberry, marshmallows and banana, pop it on the barbie for 5 mins and then smother to shit in cream. Thank you Emily and Ben for enlightening me to this absolute blessing.  

How did you spend your bank holiday?

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