Memories of Paris 2013

Nowhere does cafe's like Paris. Even in the rain and overcast weather this little gem near the Eiffel Tower looked so inviting. A few minutes after this photo was taken it started to absolutely pour down so me and Mikey took shelter in a cafe just down the road and shared a bottle of wine while watching the world go by for an hour or so until the rain had stopped. On our way to the metro, we walked past the Eiffel Tower lit up in the middle of the dark, grey night. One of the most beautiful views.
001A Katie Leask Photography
My 21st birthday has got to be one of the best weeks I've ever had in my life. My parents came out to visit and we did practically everything there was to do in Paris...which included eating macarons at the top of Montparnasse Tower because I was the birthday girl and I insisted on it. Absolutely heavenly. These special 21st cards definitely stayed up way longer than they should have done.
001B Katie Leask Photography
The richest and most expensive size-to-cost cake that Mikey bought me for my 21st birthday. We had a party at our flat the day before my 21st so when it struck 12, he bought this little cutie out and all my lovely new Paris friends sung me happy birthday. Cutest moment ever, I simply couldn't imagine anywhere more wonderful to spend a birthday. The day after, we sat in bed all day and ate curry and watched telly. Bloody marv.
001C Katie Leask Photography

001D Katie Leask Photography
Macarons that the lovely Helen brought all the way from Flers when she came to stay in November. Such an amazing weekend..namely cracking up at 1 in the morning watching a 45 minute compilation of Vines on youtube. God we know how to PARTAY.
001E Katie Leask Photography

001F Katie Leask Photography
Mikey, my absolute favourite person in the world (vom vom) looking all coiffed and interesting with a coffee near the Louvre.
001G Katie Leask Photography
Living within a 20 minute walk of this cute little thing is like a dream come true. I hadn't noticed before but Dad pointed out to me when they came over that I can see the Eiffel Tower from the train on my way out to work in Chatillon. Ever since, I've looked out for it every single morning and needless to say it really does make work so much easier.

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