Beautiful brides

Katie-Leask-Photography-Wedding-02So thus far in my teeny eeny weeny experience as a wedding photographer (I'm not sure I can even write that yet..but acorns into oak trees and all that and I'm feeling positive - it's Friday!) I have had the pleasure to photograph two women of ridiculous natural beauty. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to look anything but beautiful on your wedding day, but seriously - Kate & Gem were practically glowing.

I can't imagine a job in the world more emotionally rewarding than wedding photography, it's basically just happiness and loveliness overflowing all day (and tons of great food & music..obvs), which means that I'm counting down the days until June when I'm booked up to photograph another day of wonderful love and stuff. 

While I try & carb my cravings to go & gate crash every single wedding in Paris I can find, I have sorted through a few photos from Gemma's & Kate's weddings to show them in all their natural beauty looking sassy, stunning and totally marvelous.These are some of my favourites.





Also, super sorry for the repost of some of the same much as I'm loving teaching tiny kids in Paris all day does unfortunately mean my camera is being totally neglected which means far less photographs to share than I'd like. Boohoo, I'll make up for it over my 5 month summer to the point you'll wish I was still wrapped up in Parisian primary schools..).

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