Portrait: Laura 2013

Katie Leask Photography

Katie Leask Photography
This set was shot for Abbie's university project last year but I just found these on the computer while sorting it out and I realised I hadn't posted them! It was all shot in Richmond park in the freezing cold at 6 in the morning. By far the coldest shoot I've ever ever done and ever plan on doing, from what I remember I could barely move my fingers to press the shutter. All I can say is that Laura has done an absolutely bloody amazing job in hiding the fact that it was simply sub zero in both of these photos! True professional. 

As a side note and happy little addition and the reason I will always remember this shoot - the dress Abbie had chosen for Laura to wear from the supplier had been previously worn by Emma Watson. Mini claim to fame, hello! Just to work on getting that infamous Angelina Jolie black one-leg piece now...


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