So shoot me for being honest and don't read on if you are of a cynical disposition because there is a slight influx of soppy loved up messiness incoming... 

I am so unbelievably lucky to have this wee little chirpy face constantly gracing my life script with his stupid jokes, tickly moustache and awful tendency to never clean up after himself. I can safely say that since I met him in all his hairy goodness - my world has been a smilier, happier and one bloody hell of a lot funnier place to be. I think that it's very  very rare in life that you find someone who fits so well into your existence that you wonder how the hell you ever got by without them, I don't even mean this in the cliché way either - I genuinely question my ability to function in any sort of appropriate manner pre-Mikey. He takes up such a massive and important part of myself and fills it with all his annoying but love-able habits, loud music, chinos and tshirts, FIFA enthusiasm, inability to fold and put away clothes, big kiddedness, happiness bigger than words could define and the most overwhelming kindness and generosity. I couldn't even count the amount of times we've sat around all day in pyjamas doing nothing but eating and watching shit on telly, but then again I also couldn't even begin to count the happiness his mere existence brings me on a daily basis or the warmth in my heart from knowing this absolute lump of man will always be there to make me wet myself laughing, or feed me up with Chinese, or cuddle me to sleep.

Quite simply, he is the closest friend that I have and I am so bloody happy that I can say such a thing about someone so charmingly, heart-warmingly wonderful.

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