BTS #1¦ Utopia Magazine Shoot

After almost eight hours in the same room, four different make up looks, four different hair styles and about 1,500 photographs, we all started to lose the plot a little and were crowded round the camera in hysteria over Jess's 'come hither' eyes. This shoot was so much fun; radio on, bags of make up and clothes everywhere and some great conversations about airbrushing Naomi Campbell's face into all the pictures. This is what happens when you put 5 girls into a small room and leave them there all day.

Anyway, the shoot is for Utopia magazine  - an upcoming publication that will be on sale somewhere very exciting (that I'm not allowed to say yet, but I'm itching to!) very soon. It is going to be a bi-annual women's beauty and technology magazine, in print format and a downloadable app, full of thought provoking content and eye-catching editorials run by the lovely Alex Stone.

The magazine draws inspiration from two very influential people. Firstly, Lucy McRae and her exploration of technology, science and the body (if you want a better idea, have a look at this video - it's fascinating). And secondly Chris Troumazou, a scientist, inventor and director of the Centre for Bio-Inspired technology. He's won loads of awards for science-y things and is, by all accounts, a pretty impressive chap. As you can probably tell by now, the magazine aims to fuse beauty with technology and will explore the opportunities that science has to offer to womens long-held quest for 'perfection' through beauty products. Hence the name 'Utopia': an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. 

These editorial images will run alongside engaging articles as well as interviews with designers. I cannot wait to share the finished, retouched images when I'm allowed to, or to get my hands on the first edition of the magazine (the wait will kill me!). Very, very excited!  But for now, the behind the scenes pictures will have to do!




katie-leask-photography-la-coco-noire-fashion-portrait-08Model: Jessica Brewer  //  Styling: Alex Stone  //  Make up and hair: Georgia Chabrel at G.L.C Makeup 

** blogpost features words by Alex Stone.

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