Valentine's Dinner

It is with great joy that I post these pictures. Great, great, great joy. Because I am proud to declare that I am going out with Jamie Oliver. Not the Jamie Oliver admittedly, but the Whyteleafe-builder equivalent, who as far as I'm concerned is better looking and just as equally talented behind an oven. He's called my boyfriend and yes I might be biased but the pictures do not lie! I've written before on this blog about how amazing he is at cooking and if anything, he's actually got better at it over summer. We realized how handy he was with a frying pan after moving to Paris when - surprisingly seeing as my mum's been a cooking teacher since I was born - it was him that cooked dinner practically every single night (and I'll gloss over the fact he once fried frozen chicken nuggets in a wok after a night out in Montparnasse).

You know there are some people that just cook and it works, and then there are some people who fuss about over a menu and get stressed about messiness? Well, he's type 1 and I'm type 2. To the point where when he's cooking, I stress and tidy up around him and he gets annoyed at me for washing up things he hasn't even used yet.

Anyway, without further ado, here is what we had for dinner on Saturday; Mikey is obsessed with pâté at the minute so for starter we had some of that lovingly smushed into (apparently Tesco didn't have a heart shaped cutter) with soda bread and caramelized onion and raisin chutney. Adiowefujbsduvshfiaf, indeed. After that we had steak cooked in the way that only Mikey knows how, with honeyed carrots that no one does better than Mikey, and potatoes à la, you guessed it, Mikey. He also gets annoyed at me when I insist on photographing things he's cooked and complains that it will get cold but I point blanc refused not to document this angelic meal.

valentines dinner katie-leask-la-coco-noire-005

valentines dinner katie-leask-la-coco-noire-006

valentines dinner katie-leask-la-coco-noire-008

We got a pizza the next day and I ate my body weight in chocolate, drank wine, and laughed my ass off to Jon Richardson's stand up DVD. An understated, inexpensive and absolutely perfect Valentine's weekend with my favourite person in the world.

valentines dinner katie-leask-la-coco-noire-009

valentines dinner katie-leask-la-coco-noire-010

valentines dinner katie-leask-la-coco-noire-011

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