Valentine's Cupcakes

Happy Valentines! 

These are some beeeeautiful cupcakes I got given today at a photoshoot. I love photoshoots and I love cupcakes so overall, today was a good day. No, actually today was a GREAT day because I came home from the shoot and Mikey cooked me an (early) Valentines dinner. And then we baked a red velvet cake. And then put Jack Whitehall's stand up on and died laughing. So basically, today has been brilliant and the weekend hasn't even started yet.

Here is a recipe to a strawberry flavoured cupcake (because it tasted absolutely unreal and I can't believe I've never had one before). I think I might also be trying this recipe if the finished red velvet cake tastes as good as the batter did earlier.

cupcakes katie leask la coco noire 03 small

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