Follow me on Bloglovin'

While these cookies may have no relation whatsoever to following me on Bloglovin', they also looked too cute and tasty for me to deny them space on the blog. (Their brother photos are here if you fancy some cookie lovin'.)

ANYWAY. I don't know if many of you use Bloglovin but I have been obsessed - and I mean obssessed - with it for well over a year now. All my favourite blogs in one easy, endlessly scrolling feed. HEAVEN. If you haven't got it - what are you waiting for!? And if you have got it - do you love it as much as me? (No). And why aren't you following me yet?! Go on, not only do I know you're desperate to receive regular updates from me, but I know you're gonna love the angel cake recipe I've got brewing for this weekend...

But, back to the point - after finally upgrading to a new domain name I had to reclaim my blog on bloglovin', so here is my new feed. Follow follow follow! Aaaaaand if you've got an account, please link me it! I'd love to read them (especially if they contain food in any form).

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