the BEST pancake recipe!

Happy pancake day!

It took many years of enduring my Dad's runny, mangled, un-aesthetically pleasing pancakes to realise that pancake day didn't have to be ugly. A few years ago, in stepped Nigella Lawson and her American breakfast pancakes that changed my pancake experience for the better. It makes the thickest, most delicious pancakes that don't fall apart and are so easy to flip (because what else is a pancake for?!)

The recipe for the batter is: 2 beaten eggs  //   30g melted butter (+extra for frying)  //  300ml milk  //  225g plain flour  //  pinch of salt  //  teaspoon of white sugar.

Mix it all together and cook each side for around 1-2 minutes and I promise you won't ever look back. Then I like to absolutely coat mine in maple syrup and sugar - but bananas and nutella is a close second. The other thing is these are SO if you have one (or six) for elevenses, you'll probably be fine until dinner with no snacks. Which practically makes them healthy. Amen.


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