Anniversary in Paris


Yesterday was mine and Mikey's anniversary, (vom vom, soppy post). It feels strange that it's such a small number when I feel like I've known him simply forever. We were talking earlier about the amount of places we've been in the past two years and the crazy amount of things we've done in such a short space of time. Safe to say it has been a very, very busy and packed two years while also being the happiest, smiliest and funnest time I've ever had. ♡ ♡ ♡

To celebrate, M cooked me the most insanely delicious meal for when I got home from work late afternoon. It's so difficult to look at the pictures without my mouth salivating and craving. Seriously, the second I finished it (not far from about 10 seconds) I just wanted to start again, eat it all over. It was amazing. After that, we walked up to Montparnasse and had some cocktails in the bars around Gaite with some macarons. Just sitting in a bar in the middle of Paris with a cocktail, a full belly and the promise of many more happy years together was such a content and heart-warming feeling.







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