Spring in Paris

Paris in the spring is living up to every single rumour I've ever heard about it and so much more. When the sun shines here, it genuinely feels like heaven on earth; Parisian's come alive, bars are crammed and wine is everywhere. You don't even have to do anything, it's simply enough to just walk and watch life pass you by. All the tiny little backstreets with one-off shops, all the cafe's with the doors thrown wide open bursting with chatter and cheese. And there's just people - people everywhere. People trying to sell you stuff, people lying in the sun, people jumping on the metro, people in bars, people on bikes, people everywhere. It's amazing. This city is amazing. It's so ridiculously full of life when the sun shines and it's so incredibly beautiful.

This weekend, we unintentionally walked past the Moulin Rouge while looking for a cash point for cocktails. Stumbling upon such a world famous landmark by accident is just so typical of Paris, you can walk for under 30 minutes and see about a million incredible places you've read about in books. That evening, we went out for drinks and as it was so warm we decided to walk the slightly long distance home while half of Paris slept and the other half were loudly filling every single bar we came across. We wandered inadvertently past the Louvre and it suffices to say that being able to walk home after a night out and pass one of the worlds most famous museums is a feeling like no other. Last Friday we had a drink in a cafe boat on the Seine while the sun started going down and today we took a picnic and sat under the Eiffel tower and lazed around all afternoon in the sun eating strawberries; it doesn't sound enough to say that living here is the biggest blessing.

It's is a bubble, a little dream bubble of everything that makes me happy. I'd dreamed of coming here for years and years until my parents took me for a long weekend almost four years ago. We stayed in a little hotel in Porte D'Orleans and ate breakfast in a bistro next door before seeing as much as we could physically squeeze into three days. Since then I've loved Paris and everything about it, I never thought in a million years I'd be living here, doing my shopping on the Champs Elysées and eating in bars with a view of the Notre Dame. It's funny that I landed here by chance too, but I'm thankful for the best bit of fate that's been handed to me so far.

I wouldn't change anything right now. Paris is simply indescribable.

















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