Nostalgic dreamin'


Way back when I was doing my GCSE's I had a little board of 'motivational' pictures pinned up in my bedroom. The point of these was to try and tempt me to revise harder and do really well, cos you know - pictures of handbags and shoes and all the stuff I could buy with the money I would have after doing so well in my GCSE's and landing a 100,000 grand a year job is motivation for anyone to sit down and learn about photosynthesis right? ...just me on this one? Whatever. Anyway, don't get me wrong - I know in the grand scheme of things that GCSE's are childsplay and when you finally hit university, you would cut off an arm and a leg to babble on about something as simple as mode, median and..who cares what the other one was, BUT at the time they seemed like a big deal. Just like your first kiss seemed like a big deal until you realized it really wasn't quite as important as you thought it would be. It was just a bit sloppy. Yeah, you get my drift. So basically, on this motivational wall board of motivation there was the standard hand bags and shoes - all of which, I might add, where diabolical choices and I'm glad I didn't land that dream job at 16 years old - but as well as all of the material stuff, there were pictures of three places. The three places I would go with all my hard earned money. The three places I wanted to go more than anything. Two of them are unfortunately still on the bucket list: the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore and the One and Only Reethi-Rah Resort in the Maldives (a girl can dream hey!!) but the other one, well... Despite the fact that all the other pictures that were stuck on my wall haven't quite fabricated into anything other than hopeful wishes yet, I have accomplished one thing I wanted to do. Paris is no longer just a picture on my bedroom wall, it's home. And seriously, it feels so much better than I ever dreamt it could be. And if this is what Paris feels like, heaven knows what sort of crazy happy looney dance I'm going to be doing when I finally touch down in the Maldives... 

 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

 So anyway, enough reminiscing. Soz. SO, TODAY? Me and Mikey went wandering around the Eiffel Tower which was bloody lovely although the sun was being a total tease and hiding half the time, only deciding to poke her nose out every half hour or so. 'Twas Mikey who snapped these pictures of me because he's a total babe. I think I should also mention that in the past week he has cut, dyed and then dip-dyed my hair and if that's not trust then I don't know what is. I'm really quite impressed at how it turned out actually. and counting my lucky starts it's not green. I'm also pretty happy that not only do I have a personal chef, but also a personal hairdresser too. Weeeeey! But joking aside, recently I'm finding it easier to list the things he doesn't do for me rather than the things he does, which is always a nice thing to find yourself saying about your boyfriend. ♡ ♡ And I'm sure there will be a new blog post soon of photos of his lovely face once I've convinced him to let me shoot him again. But for now, it's just my big old mug to fill up the blog post. Sorry about that.











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