Delicious treats & pink evenings

So what's my favourite thing to eat in the world? Here's some clues:

1. I'm a 21 year old girl who likes photography.  //   2. I'm living in Paris.  //  3. I like pretty packaging and pastel colours.  //  4. And there's just nothing I like more than spending an entire weekly food allowance on 6 little, sugary, overpriced but insanely cute, colourful little circular items of goodness.

Such a tricky one eh? Naaaaat. MACARONS. Yes, just like every single other twentysomething girl whose ever tried a La Durée macaron, I'm hooked. On the taste, on the colours, on the packaging, on the photographic possibilities, on everything to do with the tiny little beauties. I don't know whether they're actually more delicious than a bar of Milka, or it's just the whole thing surrounding them that makes them so..more-ish but either way I've fallen hook line and sinker into an obsession with this overpriced confectionery.

Favourite flavour? Salted Caramel. Favourite time to eat them? All the time (..would be my ideal answer, but when the budget allows me is a more truthful response, sadly). 






In other news, there was a beautiful pink sunset over Paris the other day. Too beautiful not to photograph from our apartment window! Really did make my day..because I'm a sad loser who gets excited about the sky changing colour. No judgements please, only photos ♡




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