Wednesday wanders


Today me and Mikey went wandering down to Chatillon as it's my day off every Wednesday, yippee! Being the snap-happy person that I am, I obviously needed to take some pictures of the places where I've been working for the past four months so that in a years time when I'm stressing over a dissertation and unknown french verbs, I can look back and cry over the fact I was a totally carefree Parisian living the dream. Oh, I can already see how much my future self with be tortured. WOE.

It is going to be so strange living back in England again and as much as I'm looking forward to free food à la Mum 24/7, I can't even pretend I'm not going to be absolutely gutted to have to leave here, although, there is not a doubt in my dreaming-big mind that I won't return here countless, countless times. Because after all, as Audrey Hepburn once said "Paris is always a good idea". Amen Aud, preaching to the choir.

Anywho, here is me gallivanting around outside both my cute little french schools. Admittedly, French schools aren't the prettiest looking buildings, I guess being so near a big city there's not much room for the green playgrounds I'm used to in tree-loving Surrey, but they have heap loads of character - I mean would you just look at that blue and orange colour scheme...








This last picture made it in here solely because I'm hoping in years to come I can look at it at smile. At present, this is the bus stop where I spend half of my waking hours waiting for bus's that never seem to be on time, that are apparently driven by kamikaze conductors, and don't come for 20 minutes and then come 5 all at once. Getting to work on time is always such a hoot with the good old 295. Typically, they've been building a tram line alongside the bus route since I arrived here in September and it's looking to be finished this summer, just as I'm about to leave - intact with all my pent up bus aggression. Gah.

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