Lazy afternoon

Katie-Leask-Photography---002-SBecause my working timetable is so incredibly amazing, I was finished today at midday and home by half past 12. Mikey cooked the most delicious carrot & coriander soup for lunch. My absolute favourite soup flavour ever. I gave up 3 pairs of shoes to squish the soup-maker into our luggage on the flight back to Paris but it has got so much use in the past 2 weeks, I'm not even missing my pumps. Everyone should know how to make it because it is crazy good.

 4 carrots  /   1/2 onion  /  1 clove of garlic   /  4 sprigs of coriander   /  50g butter  /  1 stock cube  /   Salt & pepper to taste  / Grated cheese

Cut up the garlic and carrots into small cubes. Put them, plus the coriander, onion and butter, into soup-maker. Add a cup of water mixed with stock. Aaaand that's literally it. Yep, all you gotta do is let the soup maker do it's thang and then add salt and pepper and sprinkle cheese on top. The cheese is a must. Easiest but most incredible soup recipe in the world.




The rest of today is being spent catching up on The Voice and drinking copious amounts of tea..and probably eating chocolate and cookies seeing as my willpower to eat healthily cracks the second I hear the word "milka". xo

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  1. That soup looks so yummy! :) The tea pictures are wonderful, as well!