Brunch in Angleterre

Although it has felt like a stab to the heart the past two mornings waking up and realising that Mikey won't be popping down the road to buy us both a pain aux raisin to eat in bed in Paris, apparently it's definitely possible to enjoy brunch in England. Who'd have thought it.



Seeing as I'm not and never have been the biggest fan of breakfast despite its many apparent health perks, I have decided instead to make myself indulge in a daily spot of brunch. While now officially considering myself as a person who 'brunches' (very la de da), I actually have to make an effort to chop up fruit and spoon out yoghurt into a cute little bowl which, I'm assuming from now onwards, will very rarely escape the clutches of my camera. Beginning today when I couldn't resist snapping it as it waited peacefully on my bed ready to be devoured. Fruit is really pretty and colourful and that's my only argument. But it's valid, oh so valid.

In other news, we got a dog(!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I'll fill up an entire blog post with pictures of his cute little face another time when I've finished trying to spend every second of every hour of every day with him. He's a total babe.

In other other news, I just finished reading the book pictured and seriously seriously SERIOUSLY recommend it to anyone and everyone. I couldn't put it down for a solid five hours the other day, proper exciting stuff.

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