Red Fruit Brunch


After a full weekend of seriously trying to eat my body weight in chocolate (and largely succeeding), I'm actually quite excited - if I can even use that word about 'healthy food' - to tempt my taste-buds back to yoghurt, fruit and granola for lunch.

Who am I trying to kid?! If I could eat chocolate all day every day I wholeheartedly promise you that I would, but unfortunately my thighs would have something to say about that. Something serious to say about that, as would my stomach. So to keep my unforgiving limbs at bay, this lunch is really ticking the boxes. And what's that saying anyway? 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctors cute - screw the fruit'? Well, upsettingly, my doctor is a 50 year old rounding man. I mean, he's lovely and all, but I'll think I'll keep aiming for that 5-a-day for now.






  1. Your photography here is what I aspire to. And I enjoyed your comments along the way...SO agree! :)