We walked around Les Jardins des Plantes today and for someone who has a serious thing about flowers it was wonderfully magical. All sorts of flowers, all sorts of colours, all sorts of happiness!






Seeing as it's our last weekend in Paris, it was most definitely SNAIL TIME today. We've been meaning to try them since we got here but have accidentally-on-purpose been putting them off so, finally, two days before we're leaving - we've officially tried snails. Verdict? Actually pretty tasty if you don't have to spend half an hour plucking the little suckers out of their shells, then it gets a bit creepy. Luckily, all of mine slid out wonderfully so I didn't have to think about it too much but one of Mikey's was skulking round the corner and required far too much thought to consider eating. The poor little thang. They're really not too bad, though. You wouldn't chose them over, say, a french onion soup, but I wasn't heaving and I've kept my dinner down so I'd say it was a success!




In fear of this turning into a food photography obsession blog; we had chicken and parmesan salad with baby new potatoes and asparagus for dinner. I promised myself I wouldn't photograph another meal at our apartment...but then it turned up on the plate and it just looked so damn FABULOUS I couldn't restrain myself from snapping it. Only two this time though..I'm improving!



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