Le Bouteille D'Or

Yesterday we decided to mark our last night in Paris until June with a little celebration. And the best way to celebrate in my books apart from Macarons and Champagne is food, wine, more food, more wine and maybe some desert and then some more wine. First things first though, we went out for cocktails in Saint Michel because what better way is there to start an evening?

Because I was far too excited about the food, I totally forgot to take a photo of the outside of the restaurant - boohoo. But boy oh boy did I take enough photos of the inside and the food to make up for it...






I'mmmmm gonna write a little run down of what we had, mainly to keep myself happy in the remembrance of such incredible food, but also for anyone who might be interested in cooking it themselves. No pressure or anything but, you really should. No really, you have to, so the first thing you're gonna make is Saint-Marcelin cheese roasted with honey and mesclun, kiwi sweetness. ^^ I love cheese, I love kiwi, I love trying new things and I love it when trying new things ends up being really quite ridiculously delicious, especially if cheese is involved. So it was a strong start by all accounts and we even mopped up all the tiny drops of left over cheese with bread. Just saving them the hassle of washing up really, don't mention it. All this while sipping through the bottle of Sauvignon that was sat chilling in an ice bucket stand next to our table for the duration of our culinary extravaganza.


Mikey had roasted rack of lamb in honey and mint juice with grenaille potato confit and garlic and if you haven't guessed already yes I am copying straight from the menu. Unfortunately I don't have photographic or tastebad-graphic memory but I wanted to properly write down all the names of the meals because me saying lamb and potatoes' doesn't do the heaven that was on our plates justice. So allow me to continue being your new favourite menu.


I had, wait for it, fillet of duck breast with honey juice and spices, and gratin dauphinois potatoes. I'm not even going to try and explain how MARVY it was, but just know that if pictures were a percentage of taste bud happiness, this picture makes up about 5% of the actual experience of eating it. I'm not even sure that makes sense, but you get my drift that it really was the most banging meal EV.


For pudding, we wolfed down "Surprise" Caramel Tiramasu. Upsettingly, there was so big surprise to account for apart from how surprisingly tasty caramel tiramasu is.


And after that because we were being all civilized and stuff we ordered deux cafe's and sat happily sipping them and feeling grown up and very, very very pleasantly full.




And there was definitely nothing to complain about the view from the restaurant. We've been to the Notre Dame countless times over the past few months so it felt like a nice full circle to be spending our last night here enjoying food while gawking at it over a glass of wine. Heaven.

After letting our food settle and enjoying the parisian 'ambience' (hey hey hey) in the restaurant for a little while, we headed off on a short walk down to the Pont Des Arts and then back to the metro to take our food babies home.





I simply couldn't describe a more perfect way to spend our last evening here. La belle vie, indeed.

And as a side note, if you're looking for somewhere seriously bonne to eat out in Paris, head over to 9 Quai de Montebello, you really won't be disapointed.

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