Fun in the 4th.

What happened in Paris today? Well apart from very sore feet and a slightly tipsy late night sweet devouring session, a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot of walking is what happened. We started off at
Promenade Plantée which, according to Google, is an 'elevated walkway built on top of an obsolete railway', and that sums it up with no need for further explanation! It was actually surprisingly enjoyable and I'm glad I dragged Mikey along to it. Another thing to tick off my list at least before leaving so soon.





To be honest, I'm just a bit of a sucker for a nice bit of shrubbery and the whole walk was lined with flowers and plants and beautiful arches and stuff so I was happy as a clam. From there, we wandered up to Place to Bastille and into the Le Marais, which very quickly became my new favourite place to get lost in Paris.


It's full of teeny tiny cobbled streets and boutique shops and even cuter little cafe's and bistrot's at surprisingly low cost. We saw this adorable little place, ^^ Chez Marrianne and almost popped inside to have a coffee before realizing it was a very beautiful coverup for a dingy and dark cafe of Jewish food which I can't say is exactly what we were after. So we moved on pretty sharpish and ended up...



...At this pretty snazzy bar near Hotel de Ville for a much deserved drink. The hot chocolate had chocolate syrup all around the outside and was so thick and creamy it sent me into sweet tooth heaven. AND IT WAS 2 EUR 30 which is basically unheard of for a hot chocolate in Paris! Proper crowd pleaser. After sitting down and admiring the scenery for a little while, we left and walked straight into an aggressive stand off between police and Parisians!!



Just kidding. They were filming something or other, no idea what but it definitely wasn't worth waiting around for five minutes to watch I can tell you that. Anyway, cocktails were calling as they so often do, so we walked along to Cafe Oz and chilled out on the street while sipping alcoholic goodness. And it really doesn't get much better than a Baileys, Vodka, Coffee and Cream Cocktail! Except maybe for my poor thighs but who can complain when it tastes so gooooooooood.



We went for dinner after that and then proceeded to spend most of the evening walking around Saint Germain de Près looking for a bar to watch PSG v Chelsea in. Normally, I'd find having to search everywhere for a bar with a free table really tiresome, but getting totally lost in the streets of the 6th in the dark felt like a perfect way to spend an entire evening. Everywhere was busy, every cafe was packed, there was noise coming from every street, and when we finally did sit down after about two hours near Montparnasse with a bottle of wine - I was smiling from ear to ear, totally and utterly cliché-ingly bursting with love for this city.


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