Furry black bundle...


Is all I have to say about my new little best friend. Completely and utterly, totally and irreproachably in love with this little fur ball of excitement.



I simply cannot understand how anybody can say no to those big beautiful eyes.
Want me to throw your ball again? Oh, go on then.
Another biscuit? Of course.
Tummy rubs and schmoooozles? Thought you'd never ask.
Sitting on my hands so I can't use the computer anymore? Please, be my guest.

I can now, finally for the first time in my life, understand why people obsess so much over dogs. Fangirling big time.

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  1. […] been getting up at around 7am every day recently to walk the little furry bundle of happiness, and I have been surprised at how amazing it feels so be up and about so early in the early morning […]