Banoffee Cookies ¦ TheBettyStamp Recipe

When The Betty Stamp tweeted a few weeks ago that she was making some sort of banoffee cookie extravaganza and would be sharing the recipe soon, I practically squealed. And then when she actually posted the recipe, I did squeal. No, seriously, I'm not joking:
Which is totally squeal-speak for wow what a lovely looking cookie recipe, I would like to give them a go myself. And I cannot put into words how positively fabulous it was to get these little babies out of the oven. Or lick the bowl. Or polish them off in one day. Or bookmark the recipe for all my friends and family. Or think about having them made especially for my wedding and/or funeral. You know, the normal stuff that runs through your head when you taste a decent cookie. 

You can follow Betty's recipe here.  As you will see she totally mastered the layered cookie tower look, something that was never going to happen for me because a) I was too busy eating them and b) my photo wouldn't have looked half as beaut as hers (those straws! *heart eye emoji*). 

I would LOVE, and I mean LOVE to know if you bake these and what you thought of them. And if you have any other amazing, slightly different recipes that I might like just as much. 

I also made some of my own pretty naughty flapjacks, or a vanilla and chocolate marble cake if you're feeling fancy.
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