To-tea-lly marvelous weekends!

When you're on a student budget with not much spare money rolling around, weekends can seem quite unreasonable. Even going to the cinema these days costs a small fortune, so it's understandable why a lot of people hole up over the winter months and binge watch Netflix for 2 days straight. You're not spending any money and you don't even have to put a bra on - win win. But while I'm no stranger to a solid weekend spent incessantly flying through series after series (Prison Break - you were so long and good to me!), I always reach that Sunday night feeling remorseful. By this point, I've practically forgotten what fresh air smells like, let alone how to socially interact with anyone other than the pizza delivery man.

So, my boyfriend and I have been finding new ways of getting out of the house on the weekend without spending a ton of cash. I've mentioned my love of my dad's National Trust card before, so I won't go into any more detail about that other than to say that it is a lifesaver when money is a little short. Completely free entry into all NT houses and gardens and as I live in Surrey, there are a lot for us to get through. Regardless of whether it makes me sound like a little old woman or not, my perfect Saturday would be spent marvelling at a beautiful garden, pretending I live in a huuuuuge old house, and then drinking coffee and eating cake somewhere warm afterwards. Followed by an evening snuggled up in front of the telly. Oof. And a whole day out for under a tenner. 

We drove to Quebec house in Warlingham this weekend where we tried writing with a quill, spent a while laughing at how ghastly hairstyles were in the 1800s, and I even took home an old fashioned recipe for macarons to try from the kitchen! After visiting the house, we then sidled up the road to Costa where we had a sit down and a chat about how utterly marvelous our caramelized onion and cumberland sausage toastie was. The photos don't do it justice! 

Have you ever been to a National Trust house or garden? I would love to know your thoughts about it! 

Can you spot the woman lurking in this picture!? ^^ 

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