Lake District 1 | An apple a day...

This weekend Mikey took me on a surprise trip to the Lake District. When I say surprise, I mean I found out about it approximately 2 days after he'd booked it and about 2 weeks before we were due to go. My boyfriend, like your last packet of chewing gum in sixth form, isn't very good at maintaining secrecy. The drive up was around 5 hours, so at 4.30am on Friday morning and with comedians galore loaded into the iPad, we set off. I'm impressed  to say that we managed the whole trip in one go. Which is an amazing feat for someone who normally goes to the toilet upwards of 5 times an hour. Guilty as charged. 

We stayed in the most idyllicly beautiful hotel called Appeby Manor, just outside of the Lake District near Penrith. It was all wooden and friendly and cosy and warm, with a television in the bathroom (!!!) and a bed big enough that Mikey could sleep unhindered by my customary elbow/knee lift sleeping starfish.

One of my favourite parts of going away is always the hotel. I love being able to spend the day exploring somewhere new and exciting, only to come home, whack on pjs and pig out infront of the television, just like being at home. Ooh and pig out we did. After our six course meal on Friday night (is that even legal!?), we lolloped in bed for a while before falling into a happy food induced coma. More on that meal in another post.

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