Uptown Dunk

Mikey made a pretty decent observation the other day. In fact, it was an observation so profound that I leant back in my chair for a second and pondered how I'd never realised it before. His observation was this: 

'Oi Katie, you do realise that the only reason you drink so much tea is because it's an excuse to have a biscuit?'. 

As a fully fledged British citizen, I know that I should not be degrading the infamous cuppa down to an unwilling pawn in a bigger picture of cookie love....but don't tell me you've never accepted the offer of a cup of tea solely because you know of its dunking capabilities?! I do this all the time. I'll never finish the cuppa, but what I will do, is slowly make my way through an entire packet of chocolate digestives. Why? Because biscuits dunked in tea aren't calorific, obviously. Just like chocolate bars shared with someone else, and popcorn at the cinema aren't either. These things are minus calories. They're good-time nutrients, and you can't put a sugar rating on those babies. 

Pictures from the Chocolate Theatre Cafe in Eton that me and the boyfriend visited last weekend.

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