Lake District 2 | Boating and bloating...

After I had got over the whole huge bed, ceiling-high windows and television in the bathroom excitement of the hotel (which you can read about here), we headed out to Ullswater Lake. I love being sea bound, to the extent that I may well have been Nemo in a past life DONT TOUCH THE BUTT (sorry, literally could not resist that one). Anyway, I think there's something so peaceful about bobbing along on water, especially when there is a glass of wine in your hand and the sun is shining. Boating = completed.

After our trip to the bottom of Ullswater and back, we headed back to the hotel for a nap. This was partly because we'd got up at 4.30am that morning, partly because I wanted to practice my starfish in the huuuge bed, and partly because we wanted dinner to hurry up a little. When we awoke a few hours later, it was finally dinner time and ooooooo is all I can say about that. Me being the little wimp that I am, teamed with the fact the restaurant was posh and tranquilly quiet, means I didn't have the balls to whip out my baby and take some proper pictures of the food. Maybe one day I'll stop caring so much about what other diners think and I'll photograph away to my hearts content, documenting my duck from every angle. But unfortunately, not this weekend. Boohoo. I did, however, manage to surreptitiously sneak some iPhone pictures.  

Let me recount the sequence of very delicious events: we had canapés in the lounge to start, and then a mushroom and crouton amuse-bouche in the restaurant with a delightful glass of Pinot. Mikey had duck for starter, followed by a manly steak, and I had a cheese soufflé washed down with the most unreal duck I've ever eaten. Somehow after this we managed to fit in pudding (ice cream for me and Blueberry cheesecake for him), AND tea and coffee and pétit fours. I am not exaggerating when I say that I don't think I have ever been so pleasantly stuffed and I don't expect to be again. Bloating done.

After this we retired to the boudoir and treated ourselves to a totally unromantic, rotund, I'm-never-eating-again, how-do-we-both-even-fit-in-this-thing bath. It was a Jacuzzi typa thing and of course I overdid it on the bubblebath. Yes, I refused to turn it off and yes, I turned the bathroom into the Bubbleworks à la Chessington World of Adventures. There were Blue Bubblin' jokes (once we get inside there's gonna be trouble and dear God you get the picture etc) and fake moustaches and beards. Excitement overload and cue a very clean, satisfied, and totally delightful nights sleep. And Saturday, well that's for another post. 

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