Lake District 3 | Waterfalls and Winding Roads

One of my favourite things about the Lake District was the winding roads. Call me easy to please but there is nothing I like more (excluding blue powerade and kinder eggs, obviously) than sitting passenger seat in the car with the radio on and miles and miles of country road ahead of me. Unsurprisingly, the Lake District is pretty damn hot in this respect. I got snap happy in the car, Mikey pulled over numerous times for me to nip out and get even more snap happy out of the car, and this post is going to be heavily - guess what! - snap happy baby.

After cruising in the car for a bit and a short walk in trainers and high spirits, we arrived at Aira Force Waterfall. If I had to describe it, I'd say that it was like a cross between how I imagine heaven looks for really good people, and the shire from LOTR. You can't quite believe how beautiful it is until you're in it and even then you still can't believe it. I felt like ripping off my clothes and bounding naked through the trees, but society frowns upon that sort of behavior so instead I took some pictures.

Can you blame me for getting so snap happy when everything looks like a postcard?! And not one of them shitty cheap postcards either, but a proper sturdy one. Maybe even with embellished writing. And a fancy fake stamp. 

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